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I have dedicated more than 15 years of my career to compassionately helping Californians move on after divorce, bankruptcy and the loss of a loved one.

Diane Anderson

A Trusted Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Family Law And Probate Attorney Serving Folsom And Jackson

A Personal Connection
To Bankruptcy, Divorce, Estate Planning And Probate

One of the most important aspects of being an attorney is relating to clients. At The Law Offices of Diane Anderson, my core practice areas are ones I have lived through myself. I know what going through various legal processes feels like, but, most importantly, I know the hope and fresh start that exists on the other side. When my mother passed away in an airplane crash while I was young, I was stuck navigating the probate process because she did not have a completed will in place. Later in life, the loss of a business led to my ex-spouse and I filing bankruptcy. Then, I rode the emotional rollercoaster of divorce. After my divorce, I went to law school and started The Law Offices of Diane Anderson to support my children. Now, I am here to help you find comfort in knowing that life goes on, and there is light at the end of the tunnel.



Filing bankruptcy can help you regain your financial freedom and give you newfound hope for the future. I can assist with Chapter 7, Chapter 13 And Small Business Bankruptcy. Free consultations are available for all bankruptcy matters.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Preparing for the inevitable means protecting your loved ones and assets even after you are gone. Together, we can determine the best way to develop your estate plan, what to include within it and when modifications may be necessary. Wills and trusts are important aspects of my estate planning work.



The California probate process can leave grieving loved ones feeling lost and scared. At The Law Offices of Diane Anderson, I can guide you through this difficult chapter of your life with the utmost professionalism, care and empathy.

Family Law

Family Law

Moving on after a divorce can be challenging without the necessary support system in place. With me as your California family law attorney, you can rest assured that I will help you compassionately navigate the many facets of your divorce, including property division and child custody. I can help you and your family bloom after divorce.

The Freedom
Behind Filing Bankruptcy

Discussing your financial situation with a stranger can seem intimidating. When you come to me, I try to put you at ease by sharing my own bankruptcy story. Bankruptcy can happen for a variety of unexpected reasons, including health problems, loss of business, divorce and job loss. I am available to answer any and all questions you have and can help determine if Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or Small Business Bankruptcy is right for you. While reaching the point where filing bankruptcy is inevitable can feel scary, it can stop creditor harassment, erase some of your unsecured debts and allow you to keep most of your property. Ultimately, bankruptcy can be the lifeline you desperately need to start living your life again.

The Law Offices of Diane Anderson is a debt relief agency. The firm helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Having An Estate Plan
Now Can Bring Your Loved Ones Comfort Later

There is a common myth that only people in their latter stages of life need an estate plan. However, as happened with my mother, tragedy can strike at any time. In order to avoid probate and make it clear who should take care of your children or where your assets should go, you can benefit from creating an estate plan, such as a will or trust, earlier in life. Life is dynamic, and your estate plan requires updates when your life changes. I can assist with both the original creation of an estate plan, as well as any amendments you need to make. A comprehensive estate plan leaves no room for confusion and lets loved ones focus on remembrance versus the legality of things.

An Experienced Hand
Navigating You Through Probate


Your future does not end here. Let me help you grow and flourish after resolving your California legal matter.