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A mother and father pulling their child towards themselves, representing child custody - THE LAW OFFICES OF DIANE ANDERSONChild custody can be one of the most challenging parts of divorce. Working out the details of your custody agreement can lead to complicated and intense emotions. However, you can still reach an amicable agreement that meets your needs with help from the right attorney.

At The Law Offices of Diane Anderson, I’ve assisted families with child custody disputes for many years. As a divorced parent myself, I know all you want is what’s best for your kids. I can help you advocate for their needs so they can feel loved and supported, even after divorce.

What Options Are Available For Child Custody?

Child custody agreements don’t all look the same; what may work for one couple may not work for another. Here are a few of the custody options available in California:

  • Sole custody: Only one parent has custody of the kids.
  • Joint custody: Both parents share custody of the kids.
  • Physical custody: This can determine which parent the kids live with and when they live with them. Parents can either have sole or joint physical custody.
  • Legal custody: This can determine which parents make educational, religious or medical care decisions for their kids. Parents can either have sole or joint legal custody.
  • Split custody: Both parents take on sole custody of one of their kids.
  • Primary custody: One parent gets most of the custody time over the other.

Knowing which options can meet your and your kids’ needs is vital. I can help break them down for you and apply how each could work in your situation. Call (209) 729-7477 and I can discuss them with you further.

What Do California Courts Look At When Determining Child Custody?

Family law judges in California typically make determinations based on your child’s best interests. To do so, many will evaluate factors like:

  • Your kids’ overall health, welfare and safety
  • Your physical ability to care for your kids
  • Your cognitive ability to care for your kids
  • Your financial ability to care for your kids
  • Your mental health status
  • Where your kids go to school
  • How your kids feel about staying or moving out of your current home
  • The relationship your kids have with you and your ex-spouse
  • How capable you and your ex-spouse are at raising your children

I can help you prepare a tailored and compelling case that effectively advocates for your kids’ needs and well-being.

Can You Modify A Custody Arrangement?

When life happens, you may need to modify your custody order. Whether you are moving out of state or changing jobs, or if you get sick or injured, these can all be reasons to tweak your current agreement.

To modify your custody order in California, you typically need permission from a judge. The approval process requires you to complete the appropriate paperwork and have a legitimate reason for your request. I can assist you with the documentation to ensure you fill everything out correctly and help you tailor your case to help you seek approval.

Seek Custody Help From An Experienced Lawyer

If you’re like me, your kids mean the world to you, and you always want what’s best for them, especially after the divorce. I can guide you through the process and make sure your kids’ needs remain front and center during custody negotiations. Contact my office today to set up a reduced-fee consultation. You can call me at (209) 729-7477 or reach out through my online contact form.


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