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  • Published: June 15, 2016

How Does A Probate Attorney Help Me?

If you have been appointed to serve as the personal representative or executor of a loved one’s estate and you aren’t sure where to begin, you are not alone. Most individuals do not have experience in how the probate process works and what tasks must be accomplished before the estate assets can be distributed. Having a probate lawyer can you ensure that you have the advice and guidance you need to successfully administer your loved one’s estate. Our legal team can help you with a variety of issues that arise after a family member dies.

Below Are A Few Examples Of The Broad Range Of Tasks We Can Assist You With:

Court procedures: To initiate a probate action, there are certain pleadings that must be filed. You must also submit an inventory and appraisal of the assets held by the estate. If a third-party is contesting the will or questioning the validity of the will, hearings will be scheduled for the judge to hear arguments.

Notice to creditors: The law requires you to provide notice of the probate action to creditors of the estate. We not only help you meet the notice requirements, but we also handle creditor’s claims against the estate.

Estate taxes: An attorney can be crucial in helping minimize the estate tax liability to help ensure that most of the estate is passed to heirs and beneficiaries, instead of to the government.

Distribution of assets: We can assist you with properly transferring title to real property and other assets owned by the deceased to the named beneficiaries.

Appointing guardians: If minor children are left without parents, we can obtain court approval for a temporary guardianship so the children can live with a loved one, as well as establishing a permanent, legal guardian for the minors.

Payment: A will often provides a way for the personal representative or executor to be paid out of the estate assets. We can help you obtain court approval to be paid for your services.

The probate process can be complex. Let us help make it as simple as possible and guide you through it step by step so you are not left wondering what to do next. We will help ensure that you are protected as you properly meet your obligations and duties.

Whether you have a will or a trust or nothing at all, we, at The Law Office of Diane Anderson, can help you navigate probate and trust termination. This may include assets, debt, tax debt, guardianships and more. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive consultation.

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