• By: The Law Offices Of Diane Anderson
  • Published: May 19, 2016

Tips For Talking To Your Bankruptcy Attorney

When you are struggling financially, talking to an attorney probably seems like the last thing you want to do. Lawyers are often perceived as being intimidating and unfriendly. However, the vast majority of attorneys are people who just want to help you out. In fact, some of us have been exactly where you are and know from personal experience what facing bankruptcy feels like. Fortunately, I have used that personal experience to benefit my clients and help them come out on the other side with a fresh financial start like I did!

Below are a few tips for how to talk to your bankruptcy attorney to help ensure you receive the debt relief help you need:

  • There is a method to the madness! Most seasoned bankruptcy attorneys have created a process for clients to follow to ensure we obtain the information we need in order to ensure you get the most comprehensive debt relief available to you. We know the questionnaire you have to fill out is annoying, but it is also crucial that you are thorough in completing it. We have worked hard to think of every financial question we can to help you remember every debt, asset, source of income and expenditure. We use the questionnaire because it works!
  • Be honest with me. We understand that there are certain financial matters that you don’t want to talk about, but remember that we are on your side and need to know it all in order to protect you. The sooner we know about potential issues in your case, the more likely we are to deal with it before it becomes an obstacle to your discharge of debt. It is always our goal to protect your financial future, so help us help you.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is especially important when you have your initial consultation. You should never hire a lawyer that does not answer your questions in a timely and clear manner. Remember, this is your case and you have a right to understand what is going on and to be educated so you can make wise decisions.
  • Legal staff can be very helpful. Non-lawyers are prohibited from giving you legal advice, but they are helpful in many other ways. Many clients are thrilled with what a great resource our law firm’s staff can be.
  • Don’t wait, take action now. The longer you allow your financial struggles to drag out, the worse your situation will get. Scheduling an initial consultation with a bankruptcy attorney does not mean you are required to file a case. It merely means that you are getting the answer to your debt relief questions and formulating a plan to take control over your finances.

At The Law Office of Diane Anderson, our lawyer has been through a divorce, a bankruptcy, and faced estate planning and probate termination after her mother passed away at a young age. This kind of experience is unmatched by attorneys who have simply guided their clients through each process. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive consultation.

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